DrumUp is an excellent tool for generating great content for your social networking pages. It has increased my following and user interaction with my Facebook and Twitter pages. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

John Burlinson Pixel Eyes

What a great service this is! As the owner of a eBook publishing press, your service has enhanced my online presence tremendously. Thank you so much!

R.Owens Ophelia Madison Press

DrumUp dramatically increased the reach and richness of our social media pages while dramatically decreasing the amount of time we have to dedicate to make 'em live and constantly updated. It's a perfect tool for startups and small businesses that cannot afford hiring a full-time or part-time Social Media Manager. Great job guys!

Luca Camerini CEO, WellD

DrumUp is awesome! It has made sharing interesting articles and blogs very easy, and I have received a lot of comments and 1+'s on Google +. Definitely recommend you setup your DrumUp account.

Molly Youngblood Geiger Google Partners Community Ambassador & Google Small Business Community Advisor

Using DrumUp to find relevant posts for our business has helped us keep the information posted fresh and relevant to our followers. The tool frees time to join in the conversation without being held back by trying to keep up to date with our fast pace industry.

Liz Karschner Marketing & Social Media Manager, Solar Electric Power Company

DrumUp has made my social media life so much easier! Before I saw it all more as a chore, now it's actually fun! I'm getting lots of interactions and new followers every day.

Daniel Mentz Actor/ Screenwriter

DrumUp helps to source over 30% of the Twitter content I publish. Fast, efficient and accurate, it’s a daily feature in my content mix.

Neil Wilkins Managing Director - Viper Marketing

DrumUp saves me hours of online research for crunchy and relevant news bites for my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Without DrumUp, my Twitter feed would be more of a dribble than a stream.

Amanda Brown Copywriter

DrumUp provides a good source of articles to choose from within our market. As a small company, eliminating the search for relevant articles to comment and post for our followers has been extremely helpful.

Cindy Cornman Marketing Manager, Puridiom

DrumUp helps me post relevant and topical content for my company, without having to trawl the internet for hours. It saves me time and I find out what’s happening at the cutting edge, every day.

Sarah Heuer inSite

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