I have used many tools to manage social for my clients, like Crystal.io and Post Planner. What I like about DrumUp and I can’t find in the others is the option to customize posts with hashtags, emojis, @mentions and GIFs which save me a lot of time.

Gregor Maric Ernst & Young

I have so many Twitter accounts (one for each site and brand I manage): Drumup helps me make the most of them without spending much time on that. It’s easy, effective, cheap: A great time-saver for social media amplification.

Ann Smarty Leading Social Media Strategist & Influencer

DrumUp has helped me create engagement and brand loyalty through LinkedIn. It's very simple to use and quick to post daily. Makes social media easy and impactful.

Shane Conrad Actionlink (Manager, Client Intel)

DrumUp has reduced the amount of time I spend on curating and sharing content on social media from several hours a week (and not great consistency) to less than one hour with total consistency.

Cecilia Edwards Partner, Everest Group

DrumUp is like owning a time machine. You will save so much time. Takes about 10 mins to schedule a week’s worth of awesome engaging content. Really good content.

Jody Sachse Chief Visionary Officer, Campfire Media

Great tool to find new ideas to publish on social media. In these times you need a proficient way to improve your posts, and that’s why I find DrumUp useful.

Gerardo Mendoza Digital Marketing Manager, KIO Networks

I use the Drumup "recommended" for around 15 different channels, all with their own personas and keywords... It's a thing of wonder :). We use the app to promote over 5,000 quality articles published on our website

Thea Hutchings Group Content Editor, The Digital Transformation People

I've used Buffer, Hootsuite and a few other tools, and have found DrumUp to be the best combination of freemium features, seamless ease of use and a time-saving content generation tool.

Marc Fey Alliance Ministries

DrumUp is so good! It makes my content sharing easy. It really is a tool you should give a shot if you are facing a lot of issues sharing content online.

Sucharith Menon HR Business Partner, Hike

DrumUp seems to be one of the only apps I've tried that actually finds stories related to my niche rather than the general category of 'marketing'. For the free option, you still get quite a lot of bang for your buck.

Johnathan Bell UK Country Manager, Webmecanik

DrumUp has proven to be an invaluable resource in my quest for discovering the best content for my clients. I would definitely recommend DrumUp to anyone who has a need for uncovering great content.

Jennifer Hanford Community Manager/Marketing Assistant, ME Marketing Services

DrumUp dramatically increased the reach and richness of our social media pages while dramatically decreasing the amount of time we have to dedicate to make 'em live and constantly updated. It's a perfect tool for startups and small businesses that cannot afford hiring a full-time or part-time Social Media Manager. Great job guys!

Luca Camerini Co-founder/Managing Director, WellD

DrumUp is awesome! It has made sharing interesting articles and blogs very easy, and I have received a lot of comments and 1+'s on Google +. Definitely recommend you setup your DrumUp account.

Molly Youngblood Geiger Google Partners Ambassador

Using DrumUp to find relevant posts for our business has helped us keep the information posted fresh and relevant to our followers. The tool frees time to join in the conversation without being held back by trying to keep up to date with our fast paced industry.

Liz Karschner SEO & Inbound Marketing Specialist, Small Hits

DrumUp helps to source over 30% of the Twitter content I publish. Fast, efficient and accurate, it’s a daily feature in my content mix.

Neil Wilkins Founder/Managing Director, Viper Marketing

DrumUp provides a good source of articles to choose from within our market. As a small company, eliminating the search for relevant articles to comment and post for our followers has been extremely helpful.

Cindy Cornman Marketing Director, Puridiom

DrumUp helps me post relevant and topical content for my company, without having to trawl the internet for hours. It saves me time and I find out what’s happening at the cutting edge, every day.

Sarah Heuer ‎Editor, inSite

The definitive go-to source for content! DrumUp is by far the easiest to use content source for 90% percent of my social media feed. So quick and easy to use! Quality content at your fingertips, and everyday, I see information that I might have otherwise missed.

James Jackson Casita Iboga

Great Software. Saves me time and streamlines my social media activities. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a social media boost.

Brad Gardner Owner, Wilmington Uplighting

Ignore this tool if you hate more sales. Drumup revolutionized the whole content marketing system. It not only made the whole business convenient but impactful.

Soumya Pratihari CEO, iDev

My daily DrumUp digest is a well curated selection of news items from credible sources, and the user interface is very easy to navigate. It does the job!

Nick Allen ‎Vice President/Marketing Director, Change Agency

Great app to help me maintain my small business. It gives me great ideas and helps me stay on top of things. Thanks DrumUp!

Chrissy Kennedy Owner, Chrissy Kennedy Photography

Great to increase social media reach. DrumUp has been a valuable tool in helping me expand my social media outreach by sharing great articles.

Colleen Gulick Owner, Podium Sports

A solid way to get the news you want. I use DrumUp as a great way to find content that's relevant to the marketing industry. It's like a daily newspaper I open up every morning.

Ethan Hawkes Content Creator, SurveyMe

DrumUp helps me with nonprofit communications. Having articles delivered to my inbox that I can easily tweet out for my organization is a huge time-saver.

Emily Cleath Communications Coordinator, Just Harvest

As a social media strategist and manager, DrumUp makes it super easy and quick to find useful content, not only for social channels, but also for reading and keeping up with the industry. The sources they pull from are credible and I like that you can pick the keywords you want to include.

Beverley Theresa Social Media Strategist

One of the things I love about DrumUp is the ability to add multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts and assign each account different (or the same) keywords. This is great because I manage several brands, each in different industries, and with Drumup I get to assign keywords for each profile and get results tailored to that account based on the keywords.

Abigail Nwaocha Growth Marketer, Provestia

All our Twitter clients experience healthy growth in followers and engagement and Drumup plays a big role in this. We also often hear from our clients about how happy they are with the content we are tweeting out for them and we have Drumup to thank for that.

Ryan Owner, Sidepreneurial

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