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Promoting your content on DrumUp goes beyond just views! Your content is presented in front of tens of thousands of social media influencers and savvy users, who can then share it with their social media audience. The audience reach achieved with DrumUp can be massive for your content. What's more, your content is presented in front of the most relevant and interested influencers, giving you the ability to target your audience effectively.

How does content promotion on DrumUp work?

You can promote your content pieces (blog posts, whitepapers, industry reports and others) on DrumUp for a specified time duration. The DrumUp content recommendation engine displays and suggests your content on DrumUp in the 'Recommendations' feed to users with related themes and keywords. We ensure a good content-user match for maximum and relevant social sharing. For each piece of content promoted, a detailed report of total views and social shares is sent to you at the end of the promotion period. So why wait, get started by clicking on the button below:

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Your content gets maximum visibility at top slots

Your content is strategically placed and presented to the relevant audience for maximum visibility. The promoted content is displayed not just on our app, but also on daily email newsletters and through our Chrome Extension recommendations.

The best part..

Our native advertising solution doesn't cost you a bomb like some publications and newsletters that charge thousands or hundreds of dollars.

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