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Publish blog updates on your social media accounts automatically

Connect your blog RSS or feed with your social media accounts to share the latest blog posts with your fans and followers. Setting this up is super easy with DrumUp, and you will save a lot of time otherwise spent on either individually linking social accounts to your blog or manually posting. DrumUp also schedules the blog updates for the best times for your audience to notice them.

connect your blog feed

Follow the latest articles from your favorite publications

Track your favorite publications from the DrumUp dashboard. You can add RSS feeds of blogs and publications you’d like to stay updated with. The stories’ feed is displayed similar to the recommended posts and is super easy to work with. This feature is very useful if you want to follow stories beyond your themes or want to monitor some publications closely.

adding custom posts

Schedule posts from your feeds

You can schedule posts from your feeds with the same convenience as from the recommended feed. Both ‘1-click schedule’ and ‘schedule with customization options’ are available. The feature can supplement your recommended posts and give you more great content for curation.

posts scheduling

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