Frequently Asked Questions

DrumUp discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to you and your social media audience from around the web. It ranks the stories and queues them for sharing through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. It lets you edit/delete posts, add recommended hashtags and @mentions, add an image/emoji or GIF, set custom/auto time and date for posting, schedule to all/multiple accounts and set the post on a repeat schedule. You can even create groups of your social media accounts and schedule to all the accounts in a group in one go. The app also has a URL shortener that you can enable to track your clicks, and provides Analytics on your social accounts. Agencies and large organizations can invite team members to manage assigned social accounts from different user logins.

You can kick start your personalized content discovery and social media manager in 3 easy steps:

1. Login in using your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

2. Update keywords by either entering them yourself, or choosing from our set of pre-curated keywords.

3. Update Country and Time Zone settings.

With these three steps done, you are all set! DrumUp will display your content recommendations on the 'Industry' tab, from where you can read and schedule them for your social accounts. The green '1-Click Schedule' button is ideal for quickly scheduling a post at an optimal time (chosen by DrumUp) with one click. The blue 'Schedule' button lets you edit the post, choose Custom/Auto time and date for posting, add recommended hashtags and @mentions, add an image/emoji/GIF, schedule to all/multiple accounts/a group of accounts, and set the post on a repeat schedule.

'Settings' tab is where you can go to personalize or customize the news and content recommendations, along with your posting preferences. The 'keywords' and 'negative keywords' are the most important - you can use these to tweak your content recommendations. Give at least 3 themes/keywords (the more the better). Use 'negative keywords' on an 'as needed' basis – it's not necessary or required to provide this input at the time of setting up your account. Use keywords with double-quotation marks to get exact keyword match results. For example, try “mortgage trends” to get content recommendations that use the exact phrase. You can tweak 'keywords' and 'negative keywords' any number of times later to customize your content stream. For more tips on choosing the best keywords you can refer to our keyword guide.

Yes, you can do it using the red 'Create custom post' icon at the bottom right of your page. You can also add an image/emoji/GIF as a part of the custom post, schedule it for a specific time-date, schedule it to all/multiple/a group of accounts and set it on a repeat schedule.
On the 'Queue' tab, you can edit any scheduled post by clicking 'Edit' under the post. You can also edit any scheduled post from the 'Calendar' view by clicking on the post and then on 'Edit’.
Sure, you can. DrumUp content discovery engine takes 'keywords' and 'negative keywords' as inputs for personalizing content recommendations. You can play around with these setting inputs to get better results. Specificity of themes and tactful choice of negative keywords can give you excellent results. For e.g. if you are managing a Facebook page for a 'Birding Club' and want to post stories of interest to the group, 'birding', 'bird watching', 'bird conservation' as themes will get you better story recommendations compared to more general themes such as 'birds', 'flight', 'conservation'. You might also want to add 'angry birds' as a negative keyword! Our keyword guide offers more tips on how you can customize your content stream to your liking.
Simply go to Settings tab for the account you want to disable or remove. Use the "Status" field on this page to 'Disable' or 'Remove' the account(s) and all posting will be paused/stopped on the account(s). 'Disable' will allow you to re-start posting anytime, by activating the account from the same drop down in the Settings tab. If you 'Remove' the account, the account will be removed completely and to re-start you'll have to re-connect the account using 'Add Social Account' button on the top-left.
The posts are scheduled at regular intervals (during 'awake' hours) as per your chosen Frequency and Timezone settings. Review the Timezone setting in case your posts are getting published during the night or some other odd times.
Login through your existing account and click on the '+Accounts' button on the left-side panel to add another Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. Please make sure you're logged in to the correct Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn account before trying to add it through the '+Accounts button'. Add your own keywords to, or choose from our pre-curated keywords sets for your new account. Update Country and Time Zone settings and you're good to go!
Yes, you can work with pages as well as personal accounts. Click on the '+Account' button that on the top-left corner of the screen to add an account. Make sure you're logged in to the right social account before you proceed.
This may happen if you have not 'Okayed' one or two of the three permissions asked for, at the time of signing up using a Facebook account. To rectify this, remove the app from Facebook Settings>Apps, and try signing up again on DrumUp with Facebook. This time, make sure to Okay all 3 permissions, and your Facebook pages will be displayed on the left menu of the dashboard.
To schedule a post, click the blue 'Schedule' button or the green '1-Click Schedule' button to add it to the posting queue of the selected account on the left dashboard. The blue 'Schedule' button lets you edit the post, set auto/custom time and date for publishing, add recommended hashtags and @mentions, upload an image/emoji/GIF, schedule to all/multiple accounts/a group of accounts, and set the post on a repeat schedule. The green '1-Click Schedule' button is ideal for quickly scheduling a post at an optimal time (chosen by DrumUp) with one click.
Choosing the right keywords are important for getting the best content recommendations in your feed. Here's a guide to choosing your DrumUp Keywords.
To do this, click on the blue 'Schedule' button displayed below the post and choose 'Custom' from the drop-down menu. Click on the calendar icon to choose your preferred time and date for the post.
To stop/start daily email notifications of upcoming posts for an account, go to the Settings tab and choose 'Unsubscribe' from the drop-down menu for 'Get top stories of the day by e-mail' and click on the 'Save' button. If you have multiple accounts, then you’ll have to do it for each account separately, OR click on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of any daily email. You can also modify the frequency of email notifications from the same drop-down menu on the Settings page.
This may happen if you are already logged into a connected Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. In a new tab, log out of your current Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn account, and then go back to DrumUp dashboard, and click on “+Accounts” button on the left-side panel to login to the account you wish to add. The process from here should be straightforward.
To change/reset your password, click on the 'Forgot Password' link that appears below the DrumUp Password field. Enter the registered email id of your account. Login to your email and follow the instructions to re-set the password. You can also change the password after you've logged in to your DrumUp account. Click on your username, which appears on the top-right corner of the screen. Select 'Profile' and click on the 'Reset Password' link.
You can do this using the camera icon. The option is available when you use the blue 'Schedule' button on the 'Content' tab, the 'Edit' button on the 'Queue' tab and the 'Create' tab. Click on the camera icon, select the image you want and the image will be added.
If you would like to follow or share posts from some specific publications or blogs, you can add their RSS feeds to DrumUp. You'll see the option under the 'Content' tab as 'Feeds'. To know more about how you can add and manage feeds refer to our guide.
To receive daily email notifications of the suggested stories, go to the 'Settings' tab of an account and select 'Daily' from the drop-down menu under 'Get top stories of the day by email' and click ‘Save’. Please make sure you check your Spam/Junk folders in case you don't start receiving the notification emails in your inbox, and mark the sender email address “not spam”.
To avoid getting suggestions from a particular domain, you can add the domain name as a 'Negative Keyword' under the 'Settings' tab. For example, if you do not suggestions from '', enter '' in the 'Negative Keywords' field and click Save.
To change your email ID, go to the user profile page (top left drop-down besides the user name), and update the new email ID you would like to receive notifications on.
The DrumUp Chrome Extension is an extension for Chrome browser that lets you curate, and schedule content for your social accounts as you're surfing the web. It comes with all standard features that are available on the web app. To know more about how you can use the Chrome Extension refer to our guide.
If you'd like to cancel your subscription, just write to us and we'll take care of it.
If you're asked to re-authenticate your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, make sure you're logged in to the correct Facebook or LinkedIn account and re-authenticate your account by clicking on the link on the DrumUp dashboard to allow access.
The account may have been connected through another DrumUp account. Get in touch with us to add it to your preferred account.

Yes, you can. It can be done from the dialog launched by the ‘custom post’ button (the red button at bottom right) or the blue ‘Schedule’ button. For more info on how to work with ‘Groups’ feature, please see our guide or the blog post.

The DrumUp content library lets you store your best and evergreen content in categories – so that you can re-use and re-schedule it later on your social accounts. You can also use the library to bookmark recommended posts for later reads and schedules. For more info on what all you can do with your content library, please see our guide or the blog post.

Click on the 'Analytics' tab (the graph icon) on the top-right corner of your window to view analytics data for your selected social account (account selected on the left panel). The feature is available for the ‘Pro’ plans and above. For more on our analytics feature, please see our guide.

To record and see the click data for the links in your posts, switch-on the URL shortener from the Settings tab. After activating the URL shortener, the clicks data would be available for the shortened urls on the ‘Analytics’ tab.

Use the Settings tab (tool icon) on the top-right corner of your window to enable/disable the URL shortener by selecting/deselecting the 'Use URL shortener' check box, and clicking ‘Save’.

Yes, we do. You can find more information here.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to write to us and we'll get back t you.

FAQs for referral program

  • You can share your referral promo link with your friends or acquaintances, and for each referral who registers for a paid account, you’ll get a $10 cashback credit in your account (redeemable against your subscription payments). Your referral also gets a $10 cashback credit in her account on registering an account on DrumUp.

  • Your referral and credit account history can be viewed at

  • You can redeem your credits against your subscription payments.

  • To redeem credits use the "Redeem Credits" button at The credit redemption request will be processed within a week from the request. The cashback will come to the same payment card or account that you make subscription payments from.

  • Please note that you’ll not be able to redeem credits on a free account.

  • The maximum $ amount of credits that you can redeem is the sum of all payments made by you less the redemptions you have made, for the entire history of your unbroken subscription.

  • You can accrue any no. of credits – so feel free to share the Promo link with any no. of friends. You’ll get 10 credits for every referral who subscribes to a DrumUp paid plan.

Disclaimer: Please note that the DrumUp Management reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the DrumUp Cashback Referral Program or withdraw the Program at its discretion, anytime, with or without prior notice.